Our Mission

Our Philosophy: One design at a time

Each of our pieces is designed and produced in Los Angeles using American sourced fabrics. We offer 17 sizes from 00-30, or we custom-fit to order. You choose a design, select your size or send us your personal measurements, and 15 days later you receive a ready to wear piece, specially built to look and feel great on your body.

Our Purpose: To create for every feminine figure.

For many women, finding formalwear that suits our body is a constant challenge. Traditional sizing can be restrictive for women of all shapes and sizes, not to mention straight-sized and plus-sized clothing often come in entirely different designs and fabrics. We want to change the way women shop for formalwear by doing away with categories and ideals. At Cosmogyral, we believe in designing for each individual figure, because every woman deserves formalwear that fits well, feels great, and looks beautiful.