Cosmogyral is luxury formalwear for every woman.

Formalwear made for you 

Cosmogyral is designed for women of all shapes and sizes. We work with you to create stunning pieces custom-fit to your body that make you feel confident, beautiful, and completely unique. 

Inspired by modern femininity and timeless glamour 

We design formalwear that shakes the limits of tradition and redefines the classic silhouette to suit every body type. Elegant, sophisticated cuts are punctuated with bold, modern details to create stunning pieces, without worrying about the size tag. 


Whirling around the universe 

That's what Cosmogyral means. We intend to design for whatever hand the universe deals you. Our custom-fit pieces are perfect for weddings, red carpet events, prom, or any other special day. You need beautiful clothes that you can count on, whatever the occasion may be.

Cosmogyral is customized for every feminine figure.

One design at a time 

Here's how it works. Each of our pieces is designed and made-to-order in our Los Angeles studio. Choose from sizes: 00-30, or custom-fit with us in person. For now, size 20+ and the custom-fit option is only available in our LA studio. You choose a design, select your size, set your customization options, and we'll make it for you. In a few weeks, you receive a ready to wear piece, specially built to look and feel great on your body.

Creating for every feminine figure

For many women, finding formalwear that suits our body is a constant challenge. Traditional sizing can be restrictive for many women— not to mention straight-sized and plus-sized clothing often come in entirely different designs and fabrics. We want to change the way women shop by doing away with categories and ideals. We design for each individual figure, because every woman deserves clothes that fits well, feels great, and looks beautiful.

Cosmogyral is socially responsible.


Society and the fashion industry's standards shouldn't get in the way of how women want to dress. We destroy their standards by creating for women of all shapes and sizes. Because every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful regardless of her size.


Our made-to-measure model means that making your custom garment is art—just like how they did it in the old days! Every step of creating your garment is handled by one artisan from start to finish to ensure that your personal needs are met.


We take the utmost pride in our ethical production methods. All of our pieces are made and sourced in Los Angeles supporting local seamstresses and businesses. Because we create one garment at a time, we reduce waste by never carrying stock.

Cosmogyral is the future of fashion.