Our New Beginning

Happy New Year!

Hey, gorgeous! It's Jenine here, owner and designer of Cosmogyral and this right here— is our new beginning. And when I say OUR I mean: me and you.

So, how am I beginning when I've already started? Didn't I actually start two years ago when I shared my first collection during fashion week? Long story short, I devoted the past two years learning, researching, and experimenting how I can make my business work. I was stuck with the hardest question: “Can I really dress every woman?” So, I spent a lot of time and dollars to figure out how I can create a market that barely exists in the fashion industry. And now, I'm finally ready.

Here's what I have in store for you in 2018:

New styles on a monthly basis

I’ve been following the traditional fashion calendar by releasing two collections per year. Now, I’m ditching that practice because I found that it is not sustainable and I want you to have access to new designs more frequently. We now have releases scheduled monthly, every 3rd of the month. To top it off, you asked, and we listened: We’re finally going to sell and release more accessories!

Your personal atelier

People are always asking: “Where can I see these gorgeous pieces IRL? How can I get measured? Can I work on a custom piece with you in person?” I didn’t have a studio, but this year, you can *finally* come see me and my pieces at a physical space. Details and set up is still in the works, so I will keep you updated. The most I can say is that the studio will be in Downtown L.A.

More and more events!

I know that a lot of you loved going to our fashion shows in the past. (Perhaps that’s how you heard about us?) Not only are we planning to do shows again this year, but we’ll also be participating in markets all around the U.S. so that we can meet your gorgeous faces and you can see our beautiful pieces! Event dates and locations will be announced via social media and our newsletter, so be sure to follow us and subscribe.

Giving back to the universe

Real talk: I feel so blessed that I know my purpose. God put me on this earth to create and become an advocate for women. When I first started Cosmogyral, I got nothing but love and support from family, friends, and even strangers who became fans; some even turned into friends!). So this year, I want to give back to our fans and community by doing giveaways, donations, and participating in charity events. Again, stay in the know through our newsletter and social media.

I will be here for you— every step of the way

Last but not least, I created this brand for you. I know who you are. Whether you’re super petite or an apple-shaped size 16, I know that shopping for clothes (especially formalwear) is frustrating. Believe it or not, fast fashion runs on a one-size-fits-all system and the issue is: Every woman is different. What I’m offering you is service and products that’s focused on you and your needs. I personally work with every client from start to finish to ensure that your dream dress looks and fits beautifully. If you need to reach me about anything, contact me here.

Thank you so much for sticking with us! I wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous year. Let’s make 2018 the best one yet!!!